Old Dear


Modern Art as Expression

40" x 30"  Mixed media on canvas

I’m Sharon Schwartzmann.

I came from rural Washington state at a time when a woman’s choices were teaching or nursing. I grew up on Puget Sound. I married early, and we moved to California. I had two beautiful children whom I love and admire.

California was my true beginning as an artist. I graduated from Mills College in 1973 with the Silver Medal from The Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Great Britain.

I moved to New Mexico after my divorce, and the children had grown. This Land of Enchantment has been an exchange of water for sky and has enabled my continuing artistic effort. I realized not oranges, not fields—but figures. I knew there was someone to find. “Matters of Belief,” “Surfacing,” “Balancing Act,” “Journeys.” These are some of the titles of my shows, reflecting my life’s search.

My whole life has been an effort to fly free and to explain what I seem to know. I treasure images of my work, for they are all aspects of myself. I have been painting for a very long time. It is like breathing, like greeting a blessing.

I am fortunate to be an artist.

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