Shopping Bag La Superbe


This recycled shopping bag is handcrafted in India by expert artisans. It's a blend of style and sustainability. Our market bag is made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable nylon yarns, giving it a unique texture and durability. The manufacturing technique involves salvaging old rice or potato sacks, which are then processed into yarn. Each thread is dyed multiple times to obtain the fabric that will form the bag with stripes and plastic mesh. The embroidery is handmade from golden cotton threads. This process results in a robust and environmentally friendly shopping bag.

Our eco-friendly tote bags are handmade by artisans. By buying this recycled nylon bag, you contribute to the respect of the environment. Each tote bag is unique, bright and eco-friendly. Color shades and stripe placement may vary from one piece to another.

Add a colorful and elegant touch to your outfit with this nylon market bag and its cheerful message ("La Vie est Belle" means "Life is Beautiful" in French) hand embroidered by artisans. It will be perfect for your week-end breaks and your city shopping trips. Each market bag has contrasting stripes on all sides. Vertical stripes green and red on the front and back of the bag and horizontal stripes orange and purple on the sides of the recycled bag.

The hand woven work and expertise of our craftsmen, matches perfectly with the floral patterns of our fashion accessories range. You can perfectly mix & match our cotton scarves from our printed range with our shopping bags. Shop your favorite market bag and add a boho chic and durable touch to your outfit.

Composition & care Indian bag La Vie est Belle

  • Composition : 100% recycled nylon
  • Closure by pressure button
  • Color : vertical stripes green and red, horizontal stripes orange and purple
  • Dimensions : 22x17x10 inches
  • Spot clean only