Santoku Knife in Olive Wood


To prepare delicious meals, for yourself or to impress your guests, choose the santoku knife, a general-purpose kitchen knife. Literally, the term Santoku means "three good things": slice, chisel, mince.

Thanks to its 13cm blade, this knife will allow you to make clean cuts of imposing foods such as large vegetables or important pieces of meat. Its sharpness will also allow you to slice and chop other foods such as onions, herbs, ...

This aesthetic carving knife has a olive wood handle. The shape of the handle is Le Thiers® shape, a shape that can only be manufactured in the Thiernois basin according to very strict specifications.

The blade of this product is very sharp and easily re-scalable, it was forged in a steel of very good quality : X50CrMoV15 stainless steel.