Le Thiers Chef Knife


Chef knife 18cm Le Thiers® satin-finish blade olive wood handle

This modern and aesthetic knife will find its place in every kitchen. Feel the soul of a great chef with this true collector's item!

This chef knife has a Le Thiers® shaped olive wood handle. This shape has the particularity to be protected, so it can only be manufactured in the Thiernois basin by respecting very strict specifications.

Particularly useful for "pulling", it will allow you to cut slices of roast with great ease. With this chef's knife, cut beautiful, equal and precise slices of your food, even the most voluminous.

The blade is made of X50CRMOV15 stainless steel. It is very sharp and easily re-sharpened. Measuring 18 centimeters in length, it is useful for your large pieces of meat and vegetables!

Not dishwasher safe!