Nostalgie Candle, Voyage et Cie


The 7th arrondissement for me is a place of nostalgia. The sweet smell of patchouli inside boutiques, hotels and passerby's on the street permeates my soul, and is intoxicating. The Long Passage Jean Nicot, the Rue Cler, rue Saint-Dominque, and rue de Grenelle are the perfect places for a moment of calm, deep breaths, and to steal a kiss from a lover. Amusez-vous bien


Fragrance Notes: This fragrance is an oriental woody fragrance with a dominant nutmeg top note. The fragrance has an interesting carrot seed accord followed by a woody complex of patchouli and sandalwood . These notes are enhanced by a spicy clove character followed by a base of amber musk and vanilla.

Organic & Sustainable 100% Soy/Coconut Blend Candle

Candle Sizes & Burn Times

Votives in Black Gift Box:
1.5" - 3 oz - Burn Time: 15 Hours

3-Wick in Black Box:
5" - 30 oz - Burn Time: 160 Hours

French Cut Vase - Wide:
9" - 120 oz - Burn Time: 700 Hours