Taylor Vase


The Hudson 5 Small and Medium Taylor vases are essentially our answer to 'Flowering for Dummies'. It is a modern bud vase that helps you to look like you’ve spent years training as a Master floral designer. You can easily wow all your friends into thinking you spent hours assembling the arrangement when in fact you threw it together in under 4 minutes.

Made from extruded tube glass, the Hudson 5 Taylor vases with holes are machine made which means that each vase is absolutely uniform.

All you need to do to make this modern bud vase look like a prize winning flower arrangement is to stick a flower stem in each of the holes.

One of the cool things about a vase with holes like with this is the effect that all the criss-crossing stems creates inside the vessel, it is almost as stunning to behold as the flowers themselves.

The Hudson 5 Small Taylor is 2.75" in diameter and 5" tall.

The Hudson 5 Medium Taylor is 3.75” in diameter and 8" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Star of Bethlehem, Freesia, Ranunculus, Tulips, Kermit Mums